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Irina & Ksusha - Updated: 22 September 2006

Looks like these young ladies haven't been fucked for ages. Eagerly and furiously they get rid of damn clothes and stick their lover's face between their velvet hips again and again. Crusified on the bed, the guy has got nothing to do with two female devils *** him with their red hot cunts. Definately, this fuck won't be easy for the boy.
Zara - Updated: 15 September 2006

Lovely eastern bitch Zara prefers to take her sexual partners under strict control. Her favourite way to start with that is to tie a guy up promising him some misterious asian sexual games and then humiliate him with a cruel facesitting. When the male gets suppressed and obedient he can be untied to give his new lady some good cunnilingus by himself.
Alice & Tanya - Updated: 12 September 2006

Clips: These babes do not mind playing with a boy's cock if he is busy pleasing one of them with his tongue at the moment. Tanya and Alice really care about each other, so they are using their qualified pussy licker on one another *** him to do his best making hot girlfriends moan and cry of pleasure.
Jenya & Alice - Updated: 08 September 2006

Panties are off, the guy is leashed and everyone is longing for a good facesitting. Jenya and Alice get straight to the matter and the leashed boy please their soakin' wet pussies with his mouth. They will make the guy remember their tastes for the rest of his life.
Alice & Arina - Updated: 25 August 2006

Pics: A couple of naughty girlfriends tie their victim's hands up with a thick rope willing to do everything their own way tonight. As one is sitting on his mouth, another one takes care of his erected cock, to keep the guy's temperature on a high level as he moves his sneaky tongue from clit to ass and from ass back to pussy again.
Alice - Updated: 22 August 2006

Clips: No doubt about who of these two has got balls. When Alice wants to fuck she usually just throws her boyfriend on the bed and fucks his head never giving a heck about whether he likes it or not. While the guy does his lickin' job pretty well making his horny lady moan like a cheap whore.
Alice - Updated: 11 August 2006

Pics: Though this slim latin boy has got something heavy in his pants, Alice prefers to put him on a leash and rub her cunt on the guy's mouth spreading her juices all over his brown face. A few minutes of high-class lickin' job will drive her to the orgasmic point.
Anna Gold - Updated: 04 August 2006

Pics: Forget about sexual harrasment! Beautiful businesslady Anya just throughs an unworthy employee on the floor and makes him eat her ass. And then pussy, and then ass, again and again until she is completely satisfied and he is completely wasted! Done with this one. Next one, come in please.
Anna Gold - Updated: 01 August 2006

Clips: Anya's beaver packed in pink strings covers his face filling his nose with her fragrance of a goddes. Anya will take advatage of that office worm making him *** as she rubs her wet pussy lips on his fat face right in her own office.

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Just look at all the fine babes we have here. You have to deserve the right to lick her from below. Work hard, be a good boy, and maybe one of them will rub her royal crotch against your face. You have to earn this grace, and you will never forget this fetish experience.

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Watch male heads and faces used as mere fuck toys by young superior females. Facesitting, toying, femdom threesomes, it's all here, and more. You will be amazed to see how resourceful these young Russian nymphomaniacs are. And of course, they are all naked and heavenly beautiful.