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Irina & Maya - Updated: 22 June 2007

Pics: Horny girlfriends have no patience any more. In frantic haste they get naked and feed a guy with their juicy cunts. Tormented by excietement, they fidget on his face and squeeze his big hard sausage with their strong little hands, changing positions and roles to take a breath.
Anna Gold & Anna Pipe - Updated: 12 June 2007

Clips: Long-expected facesitting video featuring splendid girlfriends Anna and Mara facefucking at home one of their slaves. Having the first excietement satisfied by fast but intensive pussy licking and facesiting, the girls put on the slave's head a big pink face strap-on and try this new way of facefucking with all their brutal lust.
Irina & Tamara - Updated: 01 June 2007

Clips: Hot and restless just as always this time dominative babes don't even get completely naked. They just get rid of panties eager to rub those wet shaved pussies against the slave's face. Done with a passionate good ol' facesitting girls arm slave's head with a big face strapon to get off on his face feeling that huge thing inside them.
Liya - Updated: 01 May 2007

Clips: This famous russian dom lady is absolutely significant. Beside her unique appearance of a goddes and masterful glance she has got a special manner for dominating men. Her facesitting is brutal and damn sencitive at the same time. You can alomost feel her excietement like heat when she facesit the slave with her smelly horny pussy and butt packed in expencive french undies.
Liya - Updated: 27 April 2007

Stunning blonde blue eyes goddess needs a face to seat on. She could take any man and and make him happy facesit him with her godlike bottom. She is just too much for a human being.
Irina & Tamara - Updated: 24 April 2007

Ladies won't even get naked for this one-minute hot facefuck. Tamara just takes off her panties and lands her heavenly pussy on the dildo tied up to the slave's face for a fast get-off. While Irina reveals her lovely little breasts getting ready to take her place above the slave's straponned face.
Maya - Updated: 20 April 2007

She was having time in a night club with her girlfriends when after fourth cosmopolitan Maya felt that irresisteble excietement. It didn't take long to find a partner in the club and take him home. But the guy will be sure surprised when she'll tie him up with a scotch tape and roughly use his face to satisfy herself.
Maya & Lisa - Updated: 03 April 2007

Pics: Masterful girlfriends tie slaves arms with scotch and put strapon with a big dildo on his mouth to give theirselves killing orgasms. The girls take place on the sofa one by one to get fucked hard by girlfriend with the slave's face armed with that long red piece of plastic.
Lisa & Yuliya - Updated: 30 March 2007

Clips: This time busty Katya and slender Yuliya want to know how tough that new guy willing to be their slave is. The girls get naked, throw the slave on a bed and start rubbing their wet hot pussies on his face, make him lick them from inside and *** the newbie to see if he is strong enough to serve such severe bitches like these furious girlfriends.
Anna Gold & Anna Pipe - Updated: 27 March 2007

Pics: Though this guy has got two big hard dicks horny dom ladies prefer to use the plastic one as it is tied up to his mouth. Definitely, the girls find this new way of using men for their pleasure as excieting as entertaining. The guy can't tell if he does like it too 'cause his mouth is busy, but who cares? They don't really.
Anna Gold - Updated: 16 March 2007

Clips: And again she is feeling lonely and horny tonight. None of her girlfriends has come to be her company this night. So the faithful slave will be the only lucky human being she is paying attention tonight. After a wild facesitting foreplay Anna feels the horny devil awaking inside her. She takes her pink panties off and makes the guy do the greatest ass sucking and pussy licking job ever.
Liya - Updated: 06 March 2007

Pics: Stunning blonde blue eyes goddess needs a face to seat on. She could take any man and and make him happy facesit him with her godlike bottom. She is just too much for a human being.
Maya - Updated: 23 February 2007

Clips: The guy thought he is damn lucky tonight to have such a beautiful girl take him home from a night club. But the girl is playing her own game. She is feeling itch in her panties she can't resist, but that doesn't mean she will let that creepy stranger fuck her for his pleasure. No way! Tied up and helpless, the guy will be lick that juicy cunt until she cries out in orgasm and then leave Maya's flat. Ashamed, wasted and unsatisfied.
Anna Gold & Anna Pipe - Updated: 20 February 2007

Clips: Tatooed sexy babe Mara looks at Anna facesit a slave with her beaver and feels that itch in her moisty panties grow stronger every next second. She takes Anna's place with her panties still on. The ladies do not mean to finish soon tonight, so they don't rush in starting their naughty face-to-ass games.
Tania & Lisa - Updated: 16 February 2007

Nothing unusual. Just a couple of horny russian pussy cats feeds a guy with some juicy meat. Overwhelmed by their powerful beauty, he can't resist these lovely bitches asked him to lick their wet holes long and thoroughly. Nothing unusual, but what might be more excieting?
Anna Gold & Irina - Updated: 09 February 2007

Clips: Irina won't give the bastard a single minute of rest until Anna is completely satisfied. Irina fucks her girlfriend with the boy's head like mad, from behind and from front again. Tongue out! And her spits will make the contact more pleasant for the beloved girlfriend.
Anna & Mara - Updated: 06 February 2007

Beautiful facesitting queen Anna takes advantage of the submissive guy accompanied by her dissolute busty girlfriend Mara. The girls are gonna get more and more naked in front of you as they are doing some nasty things to the freak satisfying their horny pussies and excieted cruel minds.
Anna - Updated: 26 January 2007

Watching this stunning POV gallery you can imagine yourself lying obediently under beautiful Anna as she uses your face for her pleasure. You can almost feel that heavenly fragrance between her legs as the queen places her round butt on your face feeding you with her hot moisty beaver, making you lick her lovely ass from inside.

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