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Lisa & Yuliya - Updated: 23 January 2007

Clips: Facesitting is a necessary foreplay for the bedroom games of these pretty babes. Heating theirselves up before the main course, girlfriends do not rush. They tie the guy up and enjoy torturing helpless boy and rubbing their hot holes on his face and tongue. Some whipped cream spread on genitals and the girls are wet and ready for further naughty games...
Anna Gold - Updated: 19 January 2007

Pics: Watching this stunning POV gallery you can imagine yourself lying obediently under beautiful Anna as she uses your face for her pleasure. You can almost feel that heavenly fragrance between her legs as the queen places her round butt on your face feeding you with her hot moisty beaver, making you lick her lovely ass from inside.
Anna Gold & Irina - Updated: 12 January 2007

Clips:Irina moistens his large tongue with a spit before she lands her round ass right on his mouth open wide. Getting' more and more enraged every next minute, the ladies jump like gallopping cowboys fucking the guy's tongue with their hungry holes.
Jenya & Alice - Updated: 05 January 2007

Clips:Naked freak on a leash has got nothing to do with his pervert Mistresses using him to please one another. Bound in hancuffs, the slave will get sores on his knees and tongue, lick their holes again and again fast and thoroughly.
Anna Gold - Updated: 26 December 2006

Pics: Though you might think that she is just perfect, this pretty babe is getting more gorgeous every next session. See another excieting gallery with beautiful Anna pleasing herself with a naughty slave. The guy will taste her tight asshole and moisten her sweet pussy once againg giving his beautiful lady excuisite pleasure with his face and tongue.
Tanya & Lara - Updated: 19 December 2006

Clips:A blonde and a brunette. Both pretty as heaven, hot as hell and strong as the devil himself. They use scotch to make the guy more cooperative in bed and something tells him he shouldn't try to resist. Anyway, the girls will get what they want. They don't even take their pants off, making him smell and taste that juicy cloth of their underwear.
Anna Gold - Updated: 08 December 2006

Pics: Always beautiful as hell, this lady can feed anyone with her little lovely pussy. This time Anna uses her home slave, particulary his nosey face, to stop that itch between her legs. So she tell him to place it on the sofa, lifts her tight skirt and rubs her sencitive anus and wet genitals over those soft lips and hard nose.
Tanya & Lara - Updated: 01 December 2006

A blonde and a brunette. Both pretty as heaven, hot as hell and strong as the devil himself. They use scotch to make the guy more cooperative in bed and something tells him he shouldn't try to resist. Anyway, the girls will get what they want. They don't even take their pants off, making him smell and taste that juicy cloth of their underwear.
Anna Gold - Updated: 28 November 2006

Clips:Upset with her slave being so careless when worshipping her feet, Anna gets straight to the matter and sits on his face. Pants in his mouth and beaver on his nose will make it hard to breath for the maggot. A good lesson for the slave and desired satisfaction for his mistress at one time.
Lisa & Yuliya - Updated: 24 November 2006

Lisa and Yuliya just care about their fun and pleasure when they get into bed with their submissive friend. But, the young ladies are very kind and if the boy will please 'em face-to-ass well enough, the girls will feed him with sweet cream spread over their pussy lips.
irina & Ksusha - Updated: 14 November 2006

Clips:Such a nice Sunday morning is perfect for a nasty facesitting threesome. Unable to move, the guy is gonna suffer hell of humiliations on his girlfriend's bed. As the temperature in the room rises, Irina and Ksusha turn into a couple of horny bitches thinking about nothing but another piece of pleasure they must get. So as one of them fucks the guy's head another wanks his dick waiting for her time unable to take her eyes away from that crazy fucking in front of her.
Anna Gold & Arina - Updated: 07 November 2006

Clips:Satisfied with her first session with the unworthy manager, Anya calls Arina to take part in the next session with that fat submissive piece of crap. Two masterful and beautiful ladies at once is a challenge, so the guy is gonna have a hard time satisfying those hot, hungry flesh between their perfect legs in his bosses office. Well, that's just business, isn't it?
Anna Gold & Irina - Updated: 03 November 2006

Pics: This time sweet pervert ladies make their long tongue sex tool fall on bed eager to feed him well with their horny juicy beavers. They ride the guy's mouth like a couple of frantic cowgirls making him *** as they rub their chocolate assholes and soaking lips on his face.
Irina & Katya - Updated: 20 October 2006

Pics: This fleshy guy should be tied up well before the girls start playing their games, otherwise he probably wouldn't lie still while they twist his cock and rub their smelly hungry pussies on his face. The temperature rises and sexy undies slip down from their young horny bodies as the babes get in an ecstasy feeding him with their juicy cunts.
Irina & Katya - Updated: 17 October 2006

Clips: No need to hurry for Irina and Katya as Irina has bound her lover to the bed, just the way she usually does. Slowly and steadily the girls will get it all from the guy's mouth, making him *** and lick, lick and suffocane again, and then lick, lick and lick, moving his tongue fast like a cat, filling the room with smacks and moans.
Anna Gold & Arina - Updated: 06 October 2006

Pics: He is a terrible manager, but Anya is satisfied with this employee. She even invited her friend Arina to share this submissive peace of crap with her. After the door has slamed behind his back, his fat face doesn't belong to him anymore, sexy businesladies have already taken their panties, ready to take care of it.
Zara - Updated: 03 October 2006

Clips: She is asian and she is very severe to her lovers. Zara has tied her partner tight to a sofa so she can feed him with her juicy beaver as long as she wants. And for the dessert he will be let to lick her brown asian pussy from behind swallowing her sweet tasty juices. Faster and deeper, put your nose between those lovely round cheeks!
Anna Gold & Irina - Updated: 29 September 2006

Pics: Irina proves her love to Anya *** her slaves to lick her girlfriends inner parts out perfectly. She holds the slave by the hair to be sure his tongue goes deep between the spread cheaks of Anya and rubs her sweet asshole from inside.

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Facesitting you have to earn!

Just look at all the fine babes we have here. You have to deserve the right to lick her from below. Work hard, be a good boy, and maybe one of them will rub her royal crotch against your face. You have to earn this grace, and you will never forget this fetish experience.

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Watch male heads and faces used as mere fuck toys by young superior females. Facesitting, toying, femdom threesomes, it's all here, and more. You will be amazed to see how resourceful these young Russian nymphomaniacs are. And of course, they are all naked and heavenly beautiful.