Russian Mistress Nata

Facesitting Mistress Nata

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Russian Mistress

Clips: The weather outside is disgusting - Nata's got her favorite boots so damn dirty and it's getting her down more than anything else in this world! However, she's got her humble slave right next to her, which means that in no more than five minutes she's gonna get her footwear licked clean - and will be able to switch on to facesitting him!

Russian Mistress Nika & Nata
Nika & Nata

Clips: Merciless mistress Nika and her juicy apprentice have already whipped the last bits of pride out of their slaves - so these miserable male whores no longer wonder if licking the ladies' boots is humiliating or not: They just do it - and do it well! Looks like now it's time for our charming dominas to pass on to the next lesson!

Russian Mistress Nata

Clips: This furry fucker have messed everything up again. She couldn't bear his dumbness any longer - so she just put him down on all fours and whipped his hairy ass as a prelude before real kinky training. Soon she was already sitting on top of his red face!

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