Russian Mistress Tanya

Facesitting Mistress Tanya

Some say that the way Tanya treats her humble male slaves often gets too rough but... After all, is there anyone who really cares about the feelings of her worthless fuck toys? They might scream their hearts out when she's putting them through femdom CBT treatments, femdom humiliation sessions or more mainstream whipping and trampling - but she will never show or even feel any mercy towards them.
Videos featuring Tanya:
Russian Mistress Tanya

Clips: Lovely young lady goes off after a long sencitive licking. Her way of using slave's face is really excieting, she doesn't give a damn about anything but her own sences. She changes positions to get it all, she knows what she wants and she knows perfectly how to get what she wants. Masterful and horny, she goes to the beautiful agony using the slave for a sef-satisfaction tool.

Russian Mistress Tanya & Lara
Tanya & Lara

Clips:A blonde and a brunette. Both pretty as heaven, hot as hell and strong as the devil himself. They use scotch to make the guy more cooperative in bed and something tells him he shouldn't try to resist. Anyway, the girls will get what they want. They don't even take their pants off, making him smell and taste that juicy cloth of their underwear.

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